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Clean Energy Durham Mission Statement: Moving America toward cleaner and safer energy by creating and educating organizations of neighbors helping neighbors save energy.

Saving Energy. Building Community.

Looking to fill a gap in information and education on energy use savings, Clean Energy Durham was formed as a not-for-profit organization in 2007. Initially, the organization focused on training Durham volunteers how to run fun and engaging energy savings workshops for their neighbors where they would learn simple and low cost ways to save energy and money around their own homes. In 2012 Clean Energy Durham began offering the neighbor-to-neighbor learning program to other communities under the Pete Street brand. Since then twelve communities outside of the City of Durham have implemented the Pete Street approach to energy education.

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And here's how we collaborated with a local home energy retrofit program.

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Basic Energy Education Workshops in Durham

We offer a free one-hour workshop on how hot and cold air flows in and out of a typical house and how to keep from wasting energy. The workshop is held in a home and neighbors are invited.

We offer these workshops at a time that is convenient for you and your neighbors. In the workshop, everyone will learn four easy and inexpensive techniques for saving energy. We train neighbors to teach these techniques to their neighbors.

We offer a free short workshop on no-cost, low-cost ways to save energy, understand your energy bill, and track your energy use. We give neighbors a kit of materials to use in passing their training on to their neighbors. Contact us today to set up your workshop!