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Volunteers, supporters, community partners, former staff, and friends of Clean Energy Durham and the Pete Street Program,

After years of working with homeowners, communities, and power companies both inside and outside of North Carolina, Clean Energy Durham set the standard for neighbor-to-neighbor home energy saving programs. The Pete Street system has been implemented successfully in over a dozen locations, and has been shown by the UNC Environmental Finance Center to save participants between 10% and 20% on their energy bills. Pete Streetís success is all the more remarkable because of the programís unique qualities. It is the only neighborhood-based program that builds community through neighbor-to-neighbor interactions while helping families realize meaningful energy savings, one household at a time.

After considering many possibilities, Clean Energy Durham has decided that the best way that we can continue to help individuals and communities improve home energy efficiency is to make the Pete Street program materials freely available. At this time, information about the Pete Street Program and how to obtain the materials for free is available from the Durham City/County Sustainability Office ( Any individual, community, or other organization can obtain these materials, which will provide all of the information needed to implement Pete Street as a community-wide energy efficiency program. In addition, the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative (DCOI) at Duke University will be using the Pete Street materials to continue research and development of employee-related energy efficiency programs.

With the transition of Pete Street to the Durham City/County Sustainability Office and the DCOI, Clean Energy Durham has closed its doors, having achieved its goal of creating a model neighbor-to-neighbor energy efficiency program that anyone can use.

We want to thank everyone who has helped to make Pete Street possible. Our financial supporters have donated generously. Our community partners and volunteers have worked tirelessly with us through the development and implementation process. And everyone who has worked as a member of the Clean Energy Durham staff deserves special thanks for their efforts.

We hope that you will help get the word out about Pete Street. Please mention to anyone who might be interested that information about the program is available for free from the Durham City/County Sustainability Office (

Thank you.

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